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    research methodology

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    1. Provide an overview of the proposed research methodology you will employ in the following:
    * Gathering and using the most helpful quality web and other written resources for researching and carrying out the project
    * Collecting and recording all data needed for the project, particular attention needs to be paid to the time frame for gathering and collecting data
    * Gathering documentation to support each component of the project

    2. Explain your plan to keep all project materials organized for the duration of the project including the following:
    * How will paper or file documents be organized?
    * How will references be organized?
    * How will participants be used within the project?

    3. Explain the key time management skills you will employ to meet your deliverables for the scope of the capstone project. Create a timeline.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1462 words with references.

    The response addresses the queries posted in (6 slides) 1385 words with references

    //Prior to discussing about various research methodologies in concern to the given conditions, we will firstly discuss about research methodology in general terms. With the review of this, you can easily key out the difference between research methods & methodology. So, firstly, we will write about research methodology under the heading of introduction.//


    Research methodology is a way that aids in solving the problem of research in a systematic manner. The proposed research methodology aids in perusing the research problem with an appropriate research method. This shows that research methodology does not only focus on research methods, but also regards the principle behind the methods we use in the context of research study of the given project (Marczyk, DeMatteo, & Festinger, 2005). Proposed research methodology gives a reason of using a particular method for the given condition. Like for data gathering, we will mainly use questionnaire, group interview, survey, etc. On a whole, research methodology mainly relies on empirical evidence and relevant concepts.

    //Above we have talked about research methodology providing authentic data that can solve the problems of research study. As per directions, in this part, we will propose research methodology for the given situations.//

    In relation to fulfilling the requirements of this project, some effective research methodologies are proposed to employ for an effective and in-depth research study completion. The proposed research methodology in the given following conditions is as under:

    Gathering of resources: For assembling and applying the facilitative quality web and other written resources for researching and carrying out the capstone project, Literature review is the best suitable proposed methodology that will help in reevaluating all the critical points of existing knowledge or research methodological approaches on a particular subject. It helps in finding & searching the relevant data that is available on the web. Capstone project mainly uses secondary source materials and also academic publication, journals, online books, etc., which is possible only through this methodology. In relation to the project, literature review leads towards analyzing literary resources given by various academic researchers in order to critically analyze the subject of the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1462 words with references.