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Primary Versus Secondary Research

1. Primary research is generally preferred because it is within one's control and can be planned out. Secondary research depends on trusting data that was already collected. There are mountains of data that have been collected but never analyzed to the fullest extent. Some could be a simple database of employees, students or customers, while others could be survey data collected by a researcher.

If you had access to secondary data, what questions would you want to answer BEFORE using that data for research? Please give a specific example.

2. Suppose you conducted a cola taste test. Each participant in the experiment first tasted 2 ounces of Coca-Cola, then 2 ounces of Pepsi and finally 2 ounces of RC Cola. A rating of the cola's flavor was made after each taste using a 10-point scale.

What are the potential problems with this experimental design and the procedures used? How might you do the test differently?

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1. Some questions that I will want answered before using secondary data for research would include, what were the conditions under which this research was conducted?, what was the research methodology used?, why was this research methodology chosen for this particular research?, was the research methodology used, the appropriate methodology for the type of research being conducted?, Was the ...