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Accounting research methodology, types of risk, net operating loss

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Accounting research is developed using research methodology. Which of the following is not a commonly identified methodology?
a. Detailed approach
b. Deductive approach
c. Pragmatic approach
d. Behavioral approach

The type of risk that is related to the overall movements in the stock market and is unavoidable is called what?
a. Unsystematic risk
b. Inherent risk
c. Market risk
d. Systematic risk

A Net Operating Loss (NOL) occurs in which of the following circumstances?
a. Capital gains are less than capital losses.
b. A fixed asset is sold for less than its book value.
c. Tax deductions plus tax-deductible losses are greater than taxable revenues and gains in an accounting period.
d. A company has no tax deductions.

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This problem helps with a question about accounting. Concepts discussed include commonly identified methodology, movements in the stock market and net operating loss.

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Accounting research is developed using research methodology. Which of the following is not a coomonly identified methodology?
d. Behavioral approach

The ...

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