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Telecommunication Contractor: Tools And Processes

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Develop a list of tools and processes that you would use as the contractor of record for opening the new division office (telecommunication). Below are question to consider.

Will you use subcontractors for different parts of the project?
How will you maintain contact communication?
How will you track progress, milestones, and setbacks?
How will you monitor resources and budget?
What reporting systems will you use?

Choose one or two components and describe the tools and processes you will use as well as the rationale for using these tools. You may choose to use a certain tool as that is where your experience is, or it is more cost effective for example.

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--Will you use subcontractors for different parts of the project? How will you maintain contact communication?

Depending on the size of the new division office subcontractors warrants in sufficiently meeting primary objective for completing the project. The telecommunications company division requires several attributes of equipment and staffing needs to successfully operate (corporate level telephones, internal tele-phone dashboard systems, IT personnel team, sectional teams per type of call / telecommunication issues). The subcontractors can entail the needed constructing the new division in sections to actual new equipment setup, such as, the IT technology team. Subcontractors in project management of new division's deals with functionality in assuring the overall protocols comply with scope objectives. In doing so, the outcome is structured on efficiency with more work teams (subcontractors) ability ...

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The review into tools and processes for using certain methods that succeeds in completing projects on time and within budget.

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