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Can you please correct sentences and please edit the entire letter. It should professional and feel free to add whatever you find necessary.

Supply all Supervision, labour, material, consumables, tools, equipments, to Remove and replace all existing rail. Supply and install 335 new hardwood track siding ties. We will also need to install a 325 pound rail to the existing tie plates and ties. The existing switches not currently in use will need to be removed and replaced with a straight rail. New ballast will be required on all replacements to raise the track 6 inches and machine tamp track to grade specifications. A 325 pound rail through each road crossing will be necessary to make the connection to the 325 pound rail upgrade. The upgrade will cover approximately 1400 feet. The existing 300 pound switch can be left in place, but it will need to be lifted and tamped to match the new grade and new track. Contractor are request to supply and install stragger joints and rubber seal were ever it is required. Contractor should make sure to provide the cost of all track materials, paving of the crossing, rail seal at crossing, labourand equipment, new ballast. Contractor also requested to include price for re - sell of old tracks removed. Any extra materials that will be required to complete upgrading of the river wall tracks, should determined by contractor.

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Dear Contractor:

As per our agreement we are looking forward to our project start and your obligation to provide all supervision, labor, material, consumables, tools, and equipment. We will need installation of 335 new hardwood track side ties, a 325 pound rail for existing tie plates and ties. The switches already in play and not currently in use will need to be removed and replaced with straight rail. New ballast will be required on all replacements. These ...

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One example of a letter to a contractor and how to edit the letter for usage and clarity.

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