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Letter to Shareholders From the CEO

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Read the letter to shareholders from the CEO or chairman of the board.

? Evaluate the CEO's letter, in 200 to 300 words. An effective annual report letter from

company leadership should include:

o An assessment of the firm's performance in the last year

o Both positive and negative developments

o Ideas for strategic planning for the future

? Answer the following question in your evaluation: What impressions does the letter give

you about the quality of the company's financial leadership and planning?

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The letter from the CEO of Kroger (David B. Dillon) does a fantastic job of relaying the message that the company had a phenomenal year financially. The letter goes on and on describing the positives the firm experienced financially during the previous year. The letter also tells us what a charitable organization Kroger is and how fortunate we are to have them in our communities. Mr. Dillon expends a great ...

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The solution describes the strengths and weaknesses of a letter from the CEO to the shareholders.