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Presenting to Stakeholders

R.E.C. Inc.'s staff of accountants finished preparing the financial statements for 2007 and will meet next week with the company's CEO as well as the Director of Investor Relations and representatives from the marketing and art departments to design the current year's annual report.

Write a report in which you present the main idea(s) you think the company should present to shareholders in the annual report. Also, include an explanation of how you would present these ideas to the stakeholders.

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In the annual report, the company should include the key highlights in the company's performance during the last financial year. The highlights will include quantitative data from the company's financial performance, as well as material events or highlights that had a major impact on the company as a whole, such as new product introductions, new regions captured by the company, mergers or acquisitions, if any or any other significant development that affected or can potentially affect revenues and profitability of the company.

The contents of an annual report provide ...

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