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    Research Findings Presentation Methodology

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    An important aspect of research is to present your research findings. There are many pathways for presenting findings, and it is important to recognize who you are addressing when discussing research results. Preparing a research manuscript for publication in a scholarly journal is similar to preparing a manuscript for a grant proposal. Each contains similar elements; however, each has unique requirements. Presenting research findings to stakeholders interested in knowing if a public health intervention has been successful, requires yet another set of considerations. Therefore, public health professionals must understand their audience and present research findings in terms that are appropriate to that audience.

    Read the following article
    Plawecki, H., & Plawecki, J. (1998). Writing for publication: Understanding the process. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 16(1), 23â?"32.

    1.Summarize three key points of writing for your audience.
    2. What do you believe is the most important consideration when developing a research manuscript? Support your response.

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    One of the key points of writing for your audience is to first and foremost get a firm understanding of the kind of audience that you will be addressing your writing to, what their needs are, what the they desire to gain from your manuscript, their life experiences, educational level, socio- economic levels, etc. The more information that you can gain about your prospective audience, the better you will ...