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Reporting the Findings of a Research Project

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You have a research project on the correlation between substance abuse and crime.

An important aspect of completing a research project is effectively presenting the issue to any stakeholders involved or anyone with an interest in the chosen issue. Provide some tips that you plan to use for effectively presenting your research findings and proposed solution to your specific audience.

- How would you determine who your audience is?

- What would you choose as your method of presentation (e.g., lecture format, informal question and answer session, hybrid of more than one method, etc.)? Explain why you would choose that method.

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The expert examines reporting the finding of a research project. How to determine what the audience is is provided.

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The correlation between substance abuse and crime is that those under the control of substances may become more prone to criminal acts of violence or other crimes. In addition those who are addicted may commit crimes to feed their habits.

The choosing of an audience for the research should include stakeholders who will be responsible for monitoring the efficacy of the research, patients that will be ...

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