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    Question on Segment Reporting

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    The question is to explain why it will potentially assist users if segment information is contained in a financial report. Approx 700 words.

    I have broken the question down to:
    1.Explaining what segment reporting is
    2.The standards required for segment reporting
    3.Why segment reporting is relevant to financial users
    4.Why have segment reporting
    5.Why it will potentially assist users if segment information is contained in a financial report
    7. examples from a financial report

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    Segment reporting provides information for companies to compare not only internal measures of how a company can be competitive but also external measures that provide the strengths and weaknesses of the organization while looking at other businesses that are in similar industries and where it's strengths and weaknesses are.

    Providing segmented information internally for financial reports can provide both answers and problems if some of the information is unreliable or used by someone that is biased with information not accurately accounted for.

    Segmented information can provide management with risks and returns on their products that will help them to measure where the company's growth strengths are and how to increase these strengths towards ...

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    Segment reporting for financial scenarios are examined.