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    Disucs: Financial Accounting for Calliope

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    Write an e-mail memo to Jan describing which criteria Calliope online courses needs to meet to be reported as a distinct segment of the company. Calliope has not reported business segments before, but the demand for its new online courses is high. Therefore, Jan would like to know what type of information is reported in connection with separate business segments of a company. Your e-mail memo should answer the following questions:

    - What type of information should be analyzed with respect to the online courses and in class courses to determine if the online courses should be reported as a separate business segment?
    - What information would Calliope need to disclose if the online course offerings did qualify as a business segment for financial reporting purposes?
    - Where would Calliope's business segment information be reported if required?

    Please view the attachment for additional information on the project scenario.

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    Dear Jan,

    I am also glad that I have the opportunity to join Calliope Knowledge Solutions, which is one of the best company's that provides professional education courses. From your email, I understand that Calliope will start to offer internet-based courses to allow your students to learn on their schedule. The project of providing professional education courses to your students via internet is a good project. I also understand that Calliope has not reported business segments before. However, as the demand for online courses is high, it is ...

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