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    Determining a Target Audience for Research Projects

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    While conducting a school-wide action research project on reducing bullying, the board insisted the results be widely disseminated. The project is a success and they are willing to share the results. Who should the target audience (4 different targets) consist of and how should the results be presented to each member of the target audience?

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    The target audience should consist of the following four groups. For each of the groups a method of presentation has been identified.

    Students - The initial results can be shared in a general assembly with school administrators presenting the information. This sends the message that bullying is a serious offense and that enforcement of anti-bullying guidelines will be backed up by the administration. Following the general assembly, homeroom teachers can further disseminate the information and discuss ways of reducing bullying in school with their students. Posters and other visuals can be placed in hallways to remind ...

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    This solution examines how to determine who the target audience will be prior to conducting actual research. The specific issue relates to a school desiring to conduct research on bullying. Nearly 400 words of original text.