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Now that you understand the implications of selecting a target audience, describe things that should be considered defining the new target population. What factors should be considered and the implications that align to these factors?

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Defining a Target Population

Clearly, a company needs to select a target audience in order to increase its chances of success. This is something that is considered when the company develops a product or service idea. The fact is, it would be hard to develop a marketable product or service without considering for who this product or service was intended (Richardson, 2011). The question then becomes, how is this target population defined? What considerations define the target population?

Considerations for Defining a Target Population

One of the most important considerations in defining a target population is determining the needs of the demographic (Defining the target population for service, 2010). The needs of a population will dictate their responsiveness to the product in question. This evaluation of needs can be accomplished by performing a needs assessment in the area or areas where the product will be directed.
Other considerations that will help define a target population include age, gender, income, values, preferences, influences, and what communication channels are open to the population being targeted (Porta, 2010). Each one of these considerations can determine success or failure based on the ...

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The expert examines implicating selected target audience populations. The factors which should be considered and the implications that align to factors are provided.