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Marketing Mix & Media Strategy

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You are a participant in a Directors' meeting.

1. Draw implications that might exist for the media strategies of Resorts 123 from the "4 Ps of Marketing." (25 POINTS)

2. Explain why these elements are relevant and what their roles are in the overall success of the campaign. (50 POINTS)

I am most concerned with your support for your ideas not just your ideas. Your explanation of why you made certain decisions are best supported with research. (Minimum of 3 sources)

APA formatting is REQUIRED and spelling, grammar and proper sentence structures count, deductions for errors will be taken.

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//Before discussing the 4 P's of marketing, first of all, we will understand the importance of these elements in the marketing efforts of an Organization. Then, we will discuss these elements, separately. I am providing an overview on these elements, so that you can understand it. You are free to add more for your part.


The concept of four Ps (Price, Place, Product and Promotion) is one of the most fundamental concepts of marketing. These Ps are quite essential for developing a marketing strategy of any organization. These Ps are also known as the marketing mix because the mix of these four 4 Ps is quite essential for the development of a marketing plan (Kotler, 2002). Media strategy is a part of media planning. It includes target audience selection, media selection, media scheduling and media buying.

4 Ps of Marketing Mix

The four Ps of marketing are as follows:

Ø Product: The first P of marketing consists of products or services offered by the business. It is very necessary to show all the features and benefits of a product or service to differentiate it from others (The Marketing Mix and 4 Ps, 2008). There are several types of media that can be used for advertising about Resort 123, such as the print media and the electronic media. There should be a proper selection of media ...

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Marketing Mix, Pricing Strategy, Media Strategy for a product chosen to market

For this project, choose a product that is currently available in the country you live in and you want to market in another country. Using the lybrary and /or the Internet and your text you will need to develop a portion of the strategic marketing plan that includes the following:

1: Briefly explain the country in which you have chosen to market the product and why you selected that country.

2: A marketing mix and a competitive advantage for the product.

3: A pricing strategy, a price, and a rationale explaining the price of each of your products. Remember to consider turnover, competition, and elasticity of demand in your strategy.

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For questions 2,3 and 4, explain how these will be similar or different from the current strategies that are being used in your home country and why there are similarities or differences.

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