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The Role of Promotion in Marketing

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Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Rolex and Timex.

Compare the promotion strategies for the two products and brands. How does each company tailor its promotion to reach its own target market?

(1) Where do these brands advertise? On the Internet? On television? If so, what programs? What magazines?

(2) Review the 4 parts of the promotion mix: advertising, direct sales, sales promotion and publicity. Which components would be most appropriate for each product and why? For example, some brands would not use sales promotion.

(3) How could each company use social media marketing? Or would you advise the company not to get involved in social media?

As always, you will be graded based on
(a) logic and reasoning,
(b) reference to the background material (but avoid quotes and definitions), and
(c) your ability to be analytical and critical rather than merely summarizing what you read.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1183 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1183 words with references.

/// In this section of paper, the promotional activities of both Rolex and Timex will be discussed. Various promotional strategies conducted by both Rolex and Timex will be analyzed and compared in the paper. Rolex and Timex have their own target markets, so promotional strategies to target these markets will be discussed in this paper.///

Comparison between Promotional Activities of Rolex and Timex

Advertisements by Rolex

Recently, I have been hired as a promotion manager for both Rolex and Timex. I will compare the advertising strategies of Rolex and Timex. Rolex is one of the leading watch companies in the world. The company uses different forms of media for advertising. Rolex Watch Company almost uses all the forms of print and electronic media to reach to its target market. In order to increase market penetration, Rolex gives advertisements on internet, Television and in Magazines as well. The company gives advertisements in W magazine, which has a great circulation among readers. The company's advertisements are also broadcasted on television. There are advertisements of Rolex watches on Television with Roger Federer playing Australian Open. Apart from this, the company also takes the help of internet to promote its watches. There are several websites, which give all the information about Rolex watches and their features like BJSOnline.com, time zone.com (Carter, 2010).

Advertisement Strategies by Timex

Timex is another leading watch company in the world. It can be said that the advertising strategies by Timex are almost similar to that implemented by Rolex. Timex has also utilized both print, electronic media, and internet to advertise its watches. Timex has given many TV commercials to advertise its watches. The company has taken the help of internet to promote its watches among audiences. There are ...

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