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    What are important considerations in determining an appropriate data analysis approach?
    What elements should a researcher include in reporting study procedures and outcomes?
    How do these elements differ when reporting qualitative versus quantitative research findings?
    What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative studies, with regards to the use of the terms validity and reliability?

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    There are so many elements to consider when determining an appropriate data analysis approach; however, these considerations often go overlooked, which can lead to many issues in the long run. First and foremost, it is beneficial to determine your question before determine the appropriate data analysis approach. Your question and previous literature will determine the best research approach. For example, if you have previous literature about a topic and you want to confirm the research study, you would recreate/ mirror that study. Therefore, your research question would determine the data analysis approach. Additionally, the research approach, qualitative or quantitative, is extremely complex. If I am interested in studying the effects of smoking on teenagers and I want to conduct a qualitative study, I have a choice of the type of approach to use (e.g. interview, observation over time, focus group discussions, etc.). Henceforth, the research question and method for studying the research determines the exact type of data analysis approach.
    As mentioned previously, in the sciences, where hypotheses are typically confirmed and data regarding a phenomenon has been developed, it is usually common to conduct quantitative studies. For example, if I want to know the benefits of a depression drug, I am not going to contact everyone in the population who has used that drug... It would be nearly impossible, especially using a qualitative approach. If the drug company has already done research about the benefits and I wanted to see if these benefits were correct, a survey could be used. Therefore, I would create a detailed survey to gather my information from as many people as ...

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