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Nursing Faculty Practice Expectations

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I need a description of faculty practice expectations for Nursing instructors on the Jr College level and then on the University level.

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The expert shares a description of faculty practice expectations for nursing instructors on the Jr College level and University level by carefully reviewing the school's faculty practice and expectations determined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). You will increase chances of a good fit with skills and priorities. The wide variety of faculty responsibilities is captured in bullet points descriptions.

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) proposed the following recommendation for baccalaureates and graduate nursing programs. These recommendations, address the education level and role responsibilities for full- and part-time faculty, clinical instructors, and preceptors and are based on the assumption that the terminal degree in nursing is the doctorate (research or practice-focused).

AACN endorsed the following preferred expectation for nursing professoriate, adjunct, and instructors:
Educational institutions vary in culture and policy. Practice and performance of nursing faculty will be congruent with accepted institutional standards. Consistent with academy expectations, faculty with primary responsibility for the oversight of courses in baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral nursing programs will have doctoral preparation. Doctoral graduates who will be involved in an academic role will have preparation in educational methods and pedagogies.

The nursing program faculty must balance its stature within the academy with its concurrent responsibility to prepare graduates for the practice environment. Therefore, the mix of faculty expertise, roles, and responsibilities will vary according to the mission of the academic program.

Courses in the nursing program will be taught by faculty with graduate-level academic preparation and advanced expertise in the areas of content they teach.

Nursing science is enriched by the knowledge and expertise of many disciplines. Selected nursing program courses and electives may be taught by either nurse or non-nurse faculty with appropriate educational and experiential preparation.

Clinically focused graduate preparation is the minimal expectation for clinical instruction and the coordination and mentoring of ...

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