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    Comparing and contrasting nursing faculty roles

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    Please help discuss the following with regard to nursing faculty roles:

    Professional development requirements
    Certification requirements and credentials for the job and profession
    Faculty practice expectations

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    Professional development requirements

    The Association for Nursing Professional annual convention is one of the professional development suggestions but all nursing professionals in both university and community college settings must ensure that they engage in continuous learning for their nursing educational competencies. This requirement is predicated upon attending professional meetings to remain well-versed in the current and future nursing trends that will shape nursing care in the 21st century. Faculty development meetings are held in some of the man professional nursing associations such as the American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN). These associations are required for professional development if nursing faculty seeks to improve their tenure track, remain leaders in the field, and continue to evolve as competent nursing leaders.

    Certification requirements and credentials for the job ...

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