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    Nurse Educator: Roles, Responsibilities & Qualifications

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    What is the role and the responsibilities of a nursing educator and what educational background is required to teach Registered Nursing students?

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    Nurse educators are professionals who work both in the practice setting and in the classroom preparing the recent and future generation of nurses. They have clinical expertise and love to share their knowledge and experiences through teaching and mentoring. They are role models demonstrating how to implement correctly the evidence-based nursing practice.

    As educators, they design, implement, evaluate and revise the academic and ongoing teaching-learning programs for nurses such as the formal academic and the informal continuing education programs. They teach and mentor students to help them prepare for ...

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    This solution discusses the educational background required to teach registered nursing students. The roles and responsibilities of a nursing educator and what education background is required to teach registered nursing students is determined. Three references are provided to aid in the understanding of questions.