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    Nurse Educators Rules

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    Research on nurse educator role and requirement of nurse educator/ the board of registered nurse.

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    Many within all sectors of society often have a misperception about the role of the nursing profession, and that of nursing educators. Many believe that there are only a few roles and objectives unique to the profession, yet reality is that there is so much more. The truth is that nurses today must perform a plethora of different duties with the healthcare field, and educators are tasked with the responsibility of being multidisciplinary in their approach. As such, certain advanced practices within the field of nursing have come to the forefront, and all professionals entering the profession should be aware of them. Among these roles are included nurse educators, nurse informaticists, and nursing administrators. Each respective role within the discipline has the key objective of enhancing a particular clinical practice, giving effective and quality primary ...

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    The solution discusses nurse educators rules.