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    Analysis of the Concept of Nursing

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    Nursing as a science and an art has a unique perspective on patient interaction, as opposed to the profession of medicine. In performing a concept analysis, examine the attributes and activities that make nursing a unique profession from the perspectives of a doctoral prepared Nurse researcher; Nurse educator and Nurse Practitioner.

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    Nursing is indeed a unique profession, that requires very special individuals to be able to perform nursing duties in a highly efficient and effective manner, and requires a unique set of attributes and personal characteristics that are similar to those attributes and characteristics that are required of individuals in the profession of medicine, but there are a set of these attributes that makes nursing unique in the field of medical practice. In general, nurses are individuals that must have a great deal of care and for the needs of others, especially in respect to the health and well-being of their patients. In addition, nurses must have the ability to conduct a holistic analysis of the needs of an individual, and to be able to change their treatment methodology as the circumstances and conditions surrounding their patients conditions change.(Nursing Research ...