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    Concept and Theory Analysis

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    Concept and theory analysis are powerful tools that assist in providing clarity for our nursing practice. Concept and theory analysis are the vehicles used to demonstrate to others key components of our profession. These steps for conducting a concept analysis are as follows: 1) Select a concept (Diversity); 2) determine the purposes of the analysis; 3) identify all uses of the concept; 4) define attributes; 5) identify a model case of the concept; 6) identify consequences of the concept; and 7) define empirical references of the concept
    Briefly outline the steps above in the analysis of Diversity as a concept.

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    1) Diversity is the selected concept that is to be analyzed in this concept analysis activity.

    2) The purpose of this analysis will be to determine the pertinence of diversity within the nursing paradigm, and the effect that diversity has, if any, on organizational effectiveness.

    3) This concept can be utilized as a means by which to determine equal opportunity within an ...

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