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    Nursing Theories

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    How are nursing theories tested?

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    Let's take a closer look through discussion, theory and research examples.

    1. How are nursing theories tested? (Explain)

    Testing of nursing theories is still minimal. Nursing theories are an organized and systematic expression of a set of
    statements related to questions in the discipline of nursing. To test a theory, these statements and predictions are empirically tested in various ways, such as: empirically tested through an experimental design (e.g., replication of other studies, evaluating the theory using criteria to assess the theory predictions, to name a few) or through clinical observations to test if the theory plays out in practice as predicted by the theory.

    Let's take a closer look through definition and research illustrative examples.


    · Powers and Knapp (1995), defined theory as "a set of statements that tentatively describe, explain, or predict relationships among concepts that have been systematically selected and organized as an abstract representation of some phenomenon (p.170-171).

    · Bodie and Chitty (1993) defined theory as "an internally consistent group of relational statements (concepts, definitions and propositions) that present a systematic view about a phenomenon and which is useful for description, explanation, prediction and control".

    · Chinn and Kramer (1995) defining theory as: "A creative and rigorous structuring of ideas that project a tentative, purposeful, and systematic view of phenomenon" (page 72). http://www.nursing.gr/theory/theory.html
    The systematic view of a phenomenon provided by a theory encourages validation of existing knowledge through the testing of nursing theories, as well as discovery of new knowledge. Nursing theories use of concepts of care and helping, identification of concepts, definition of relationships, structured ideas, and facilitation of disciplined inquiry, practice and communication, as well as predicting outcomes of practice guide nursing into a discipline. Nursing professionals apply theory to describe, explain, predict or prescribe nursing practice. http://www.nursing.gr/theory/theory.html T

    There are several ways to test a nursing theory, such as:

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