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Nursing Theoretical Framework and Nursing Education.

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What are the relationships of the key nursing theoretical framework to nursing education?

What is the relationship of nursing conceptual/theoretical models to theory-driven, evidence-based practice?

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I. What are the relationships of the key nursing theoretical framework to nursing education?

Each specific nursing conceptual framework defines the person (patient), the environment, health, and nursing practice establishing under those parameters the delivery of nursing care within the nursing process. As such, each theory will provide a general focus for curriculum design, will guide curricular decision making, will serve to design the course content as it determines the knowledge (including nursing terminology) and skills required (including assessment and intervention of nursing care), and will establish a criteria to measure quality of nursing care and performance (Current Nursing, 2012a). For example, Newman's model of nursing defines the disease process in relation to stressors and emphasizes that nursing actions should address the whole person identifying, treating and preventing the variables affecting the person' response to stressors, thus teaching would address these concepts (Current Nursing, 2012b). On the other ...

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The solution provides an overall view on the relationship between nursing theoretical framework and nursing education and how nursing theoretical framework can originate evidence-based practice. It provides resources for further understanding of the topic.

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