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Nursing Theory, Nursing Practice, and Nursing Education

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How useful is theory in nursing curriculum? What is nursing practice and what is nursing education? How are they similar and how do they differ? What is the usefulness of theoretical models in identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas? How do the theoretical models interact with policy?

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The solution discusses nursing theory, nursing practice and nursing education.

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Theory is very useful in nursing curriculum, due to the fact that medical theory seeks to provide information on the causes of the health issues that individuals have, that may lead them to needing nursing care, and it is by understanding the causes of the healthcare problems that individuals have, that nurses and other healthcare professionals can seek to develop preventative measures that would help keep individuals from developing detrimental health issues. Theory is a scientific inquiry into the cause-and-effect relationship between certain activities or actions, and the resulting health condition or ailment, etc., and this is very important in nursing ...

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