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    Alternative Nursing Model

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    Experts describe nursing as a cycle of nursing research, practice, and theory. Experts also propose that entry into this cycle can be made from any point. Explain your agreement or disagreement with each statement. Please give one reference in APA format.

    I really didn't want to do this one when I originally read it because most of what I have to say is opinion, not research. But my opinion is backed by 23 years of practicing teaching medicine. In our last clinic, we also trained nurses and Nurse Practitioners with a combination of on-the-job training and research. So here goes:

    First of all, the model above is too simplistic. For example, it leaves out two fundamental aspects of a nursing career: education (unless they count research and theory as "education") and administration. Plus, a motivated nurse will not move in and out of this cycle but rather different aspects of the cycle will predominate at any one time, changing even within the course of the day in terms of priority. The following, I believe, is a more realistic model.

    1. Knowledge Acquisition

    Every individual has a preferred way to learn. A motivated nurse will understand what her preferred style is and concentrate on that, although a highly motivated learner will use all of the styles, more or less.
    The ...

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    This solution addresses the question of whether a model of nursing based on the "entry, exit, and re-entry" cycle of Theory, Practice, and Research is valid. In the solution, there is another model in contrast to the cyclical theory that emphasizes that a good, motivated nurse already knows: education, practice, research, and theory can go hand-in-hand at any or all times. Lastly, Administration as part of nursing is added since nursing administration has become a career path for more and more nurses.