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Roy & Rogers Nursing models and its influence on the nursing process

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Using the Roy Nursing Model and Rogers Nursing Model

Identify each type of model

Describe the ways in which the nursing process is influences by each model

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Let's start with an overview of each nursing theory, beginning with Roy's model. Dr. Roy was impressed with the resiliency of children she had cared for in pediatrics and she proposed that the goal of nursing was promoting patient adaptation. Roy's model of nursing follows the theory that an individual is a bunch of interconnected systems: biological, psychological, and social. The individual attempts to keep a balance between each system and the outside world. However, there is no absolute level of balance. Under Roy's theory, we all strive to live within a zone where we can cope adequately; each person has a different zone.
Roy defined the adaptation level as the range of adaptability within which they can deal effectively with new experiences. Roy's model ...