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Nursing Theory

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How would you summarize Martha Rogers model?

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How would you summarize Martha Roger's model?

This is an interesting, but somewhat complex set of ideas. Let's take a closer look. I have provided a summary and made reference to the article attached, which is one example of the application of the four postulates (e.g., energy fields, openness, pattern, and pandimensionality) of Roger's theory, moving it from abstract concepts to concrete application which often aids understanding:

1. How would you summarize Martha Rogers model?

Martha Rogers envisions nursing as a compassionate concern for maintaining and promoting health, preventing illness, and caring for and rehabilitating the sick. Her theory, the Science of Unitary Human Beings, with its high respect for the individual, identifies the phenomena that is the center of nursing purpose, the person as a unified whole (http://www.ntpr.org/1_Theorists_Rogers.shtml). In other words, Rogers envisions the human being as a system of energy in motion within other such systems, themselves forming more complex systems. Each human being is said to be "unitary" and he or she cannot be considered in ...

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This solution summarizes Martha's model in nursing, and also includes references and a supplementary article on the theory.