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    Nursing Practice

    Nursing practice encompasses all of the activities nurses are educated and authorized to perform. Practice can be influenced by the settings where they work, employer expectations and client needs. The practice of nursing is the promotion of health, and the assessment and treatment of health conditions in order to help clients attain or maintain optimal health conditions.

    Nurses work independently and collaboratively as part of a team to provide care to individuals, families, and communities. Their care can involve administering medications, performing wound care and caring for essential needs such as eating and washing, to name a few.

    It also involves performing physical tests and assessments, and gathering information about their client’s medical history. Some nurses are more involved with health promotion, counseling and providing health education. Other nurses conduct research to support improved practice and patient outcomes.

    Because nurses work as part of a health care team, part of their practice involves delegating tasks to other professions and documenting their assessments and findings thoroughly for others to refer to. 

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    Patient Pathophysiological Changes

    Mr. K. is a 57-year-old man who consulted his physician after noticing marked leg pains while playing golf. He had previously noticed increasing fatigue and discomfort in his legs associated with moderate exercise. When sitting for extended periods with legs dangling, his legs became red, and sometimes his feet felt numb. His hi

    Traditional Indian Medicine and Nursing Practices

    I need help finding information for a culture project concerning India. Information that includes heath alternatives used and common health practices in India. Rituals/Practices with death, pregnancy, marriage (nursing care related to these events. Any information found needs to be no later than 2015 and currently being practic

    Improving the delivery of healthcare by using a CPOE system

    You are the informatics nurse for a 250-bed acute care facility planning to "go live" with EHR in 12 months. You have been tasked with preparing the physicians who admit patients to your facility for the conversion to computer physician order entry (CPOE). a) Describe how you will go about achieving "buy in" from physicians wh

    Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test

    What is the approximately sensitivity for the rapid influenza diagnostic tests, and how will the result of this test affect your clinical reasoning and plan of care for the client?

    Goals of a Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

    Until the 1960s, patients had few rights; in fact, patients often were denied basic human rights during a time when they were most vulnerable. This changed with the adoption of the Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, also known as the Patient's Bill of Rights in 1998. Discuss what the three key goals of this document a

    Summerlin Hospital: Quality Improvement Project

    Based on your organization's data, or an organization of your choice (Summerlin Hospital), analyze the data metrics and dashboards used to select a patient satisfaction quality improvement opportunity. If you are analyzing a hospital-based system, include the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAH


    ASSIGNMENT Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes: 1) an explanation of the roles of two other non-nursing health professionals categorized in terms found in your readings or research; 2) the scope of practice of the team member related to autonomy and education; 3) how these roles might conflict. Conclude with

    systems model

    Systems model From a systems perspective (and considering the care delivery model you described) how would you: 1. Describe your current care delivery model or environment, (or a model/environment with which you are familiar); along with specific tenets or characteristics from a systems theory or thinking model that makes sens

    nursing knowledge

    Discussion— Nursing knowledge: Consider the statement "Nursing's future will be created only as the discipline underlying nursing practices is identified, structured, and continuously updated by systematic inquiry." 1. What does this mean to Schlotfeldt? 2. What does this mean to you

    Education in Mechanical Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism

    I need help please with this paper please using the following titles 1. Introduction 2. Significant of the practice problem 3. PICOT Question: For adult patients on 10 Weber South at Harper Hospital, does the implementation of a VTE prevention program lead to an increased use of Sequential Compression Devices and a dec

    Research Based and Evidenced Based Projects

    Explain with examples the difference between research- and evidence-based practice projects? Why should nurses be interested in learning about evidence based practice? (200 words with 2 references).

    Leader and change agent for the DNP scholarly project

    Dear Sir or Madame Can you please provide assistance on the following? 1.Focus on being the leader and change agent for the DNP scholarly project. Discuss the leadership skills of a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) with both intra-professional and inter-professional teams to support changes in nursing, and in healthcare. H

    Interdisciplinary Theories and Models Used in Nursing

    Describe one bio-medical theory or model frequently used in health care and provide your rationale for how it relates to improved patient outcomes. Describe one bio-medical theory or model that is utilized in your specific practice area. Provide at least two examples related to its application. Provide at least 2 solid referen

    Reflections of a DNP

    Title: Reflection of a DNP competencies as described in the AACN Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (http://www.aacn.nche.edu/publications/position/DNPEssentials.pdf) Paper needs to be at least 6 pages please The following headings 1. Introduction: stimulates interest, states the purpo

    Special Needs Population

    The purpose of this assignment is for the student to: discuss the roles of the baccalaureate nurse outside the acute care setting; identify a changing demographic population of interest; create a list of the special needs for the population; and discuss how to include evidence-based practice in caring for t

    Diversity issue applicable to your clinical practice

    Select a health disparity or diversity issue applicable to your clinical practice. Develop one clinical goal to improve care related to the health disparity or diversity issue selected. Use Larry Purnell's Model of Cultural Competency and Healthy People 2020 to relate your goal to overall individual patient care, nat

    Future of Nursing

    I need help with my nursing paper. This is what i need help with. PLEASE HELP WITH 2-3 PAGES. In one paragraph, explain the need for change in current healthcare practice setting, a previous practice setting, or in an education practice setting. Discuss the need for change as it relates to the IOM Future of Nursin

    Reflection of a DNP

    TOPIC: Reflection of a DNP Must be 600 words excluding title page and reference page. Need 4 references please. Must use the following headings INTRODUCTION: Introduces the purpose of the reflection and addresses DNP Essentials (AACN, 2006) pertinent to healthcare leadership and systems perspectives. DNP REFLECTION:

    Problem--Patient Rounding

    Topic of Paper: Problem--Patient Rounding Please assist me with the following paper The paper (excluding the title page and references page) should be 8-10 pages The following objectives are to be addressed under these headings 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Problem Area of Impact Describe how the problem area impacts the th

    Indirect Care Perspectives

    Dear Sir or Madame, can you please assist me by answering the following questions in paragraph form. Please include a reference with each answer. 1-1. How would a DNP-prepared nurse provide leadership in the various levels of the organizations—e.g., microsystem, mesosystem, and macrosystem? 1-2.

    Systems Leadership for Doctorate of Nursing Practices

    Hello Sir or Madame I need help please in writing an informative 2 paragraph paper (include intro and conclude with conclusion) on systems leadership and the doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) prepared nurse. Please provide at least 2 references. Introduction--1 paragraph Middle paragraph Conclusion--1 paragraph

    Leadership in Nursing

    2-1 Elaborate on the following statement: DNP is a degree, not a role. 2-2 Elaborate on your thoughts about community evolution and organizational representation for the DNP. 3-1 What will be the competing differences and complimentary forces among a DNP-prepared nurse and a tenured faculty member in the academic setting? 3-2