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    DNP prepared leader responsibilities in Mesosystem & Microsystem

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    Describe the DNP-prepared leader management responsibilities at the:

    1. Mesosystem level and microsystem level within the realm of administrative academia?

    Please provide at least 2 references.

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    Clinical Microsystems: The Building Blocks of Patient Safety. By: Disch, Joanne, Creative Nursing, 10784535, 2006, Vol. 12, Issue 3


    DNP prepared leader responsibilities in the Mesosystem and Microsystem

    Within the Mesosystem, DNP prepared leaders will be capable of ensuring that the mesosystem is capable of effectively merging positive relations between the microsystems and the macrosystem within the healthcare organization. The DNP leader will be required to ensure that pertinent information and briefings are able to effortlessly pass through effective communication in each direction. The objective for DNP ...

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    DNP prepared leader responsibilities in the Mesosystem and Microsystem are examined in the solution.