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14 Forces of Magnetism in DNP

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Using the 14 characteristics of magnetism identified by the ANCC in 1983. how would a DNP-prepared leader enable these forces to improve the future of nursing?

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The 14 Forces of Magnetism include such qualities and criteria as a) quality of care, b) organizational structure, c) policies, procedures, and management, d) quality improvement, and e) nurses as teachers. It also includes interdisciplinary relationships and professional development which are key to leadership roles that facilitate quality care and improvement. According to the forces, "Nurses serving in leadership positions are visible, accessible and committed to effective communication" which in turn builds collaborative relationships, promotes continued education, works within the professional models of care, and encourages an environment that is conducive to positive patient outcomes. http://www.nursecredentialing.org/ForcesofMagnetism.aspx

By preparing DNP leaders, NPs can be trained as primary care ...

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The ANCC recommended Forces of Magnetism can be used by DNP-prepared leaders to improve quality of care. Through facilitating various aspects of magnetism in nursing, DNPs can lead healthcare outcomes towards a more positive result.