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Nursing Practice

14 Forces of Magnetism in DNP

Using the 14 characteristics of magnetism identified by the ANCC in 1983. how would a DNP-prepared leader enable these forces to improve the future of nursing?

Characteristics of a good mentor

If you could wave a magic wand and create a perfect practicum mentor, what characteristics would that perfect mentor have? Please provide at least one reference

Nursing shortage crisis

As a nurse administrator your supervisor informed you that your organisation is having difficulty recruiting registered nurses for your facility. It was decided to hire more nursing assistants. Discuss the impact this strategy could have on the organization and how an effective leader can assist with implementing the change. Ple

Using Coaching to Motivate Nurses

An important part of servant leadership is the servant leader's ability to create a service desire in others. Discuss how a nurse administrator would motivate others to be service oriented. Please share some strategies and a specific example.

Reflection of a DNP

Please help me with a 600-word paper on the reflection of the DNP using the DNP Essentials (AACN, 2006) and outline a number of organizational and systems leadership competencies in addition to competencies in interprofessional collaboration Introduction: Introduces the purpose of the reflection and addresses DNP Essentials

Educational Preparation of a Clinical Nurse Leader

Identify the educational preparation and role(s) of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) designation. Give an example of how the CNL influences direct patient care whether in a hospital or out in the community.

Attributes of Relationship-Based and Patient-Centered Care in Nursing Practice

Can you please help me with the following? Thank you in advance 1. Evaluate interprofessional collaboration related to nursing practice experience. Provide an example that illustrates how to use interprofessional collaboration within nursing practice. What drives the process? What outcomes are anticipated? 2. Discuss relat

Systems Change for Quality Improvement of Patient Care

I need help writing a piece which includes: - Introduction: Introduces the selected advanced practice nursing patient safety concern and includes pertinent background information regarding concern (who, what, where, when, and why). - Description of selected systems change for quality improvement: Identifies and addresses e

Knowledge of Healthcare Operations

What specific knowledge of healthcare operational planning and management can be gained by a nurse executive? Please have an in text citation in APA.

Centralized vs Decentralized Staffing

Some organizations utilize centralized staffing while others utilize decentralized staffing. Please discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of centralized and decentralized staffing.

Leadership Traits for Nurses

There are six distinguishing traits of integrated leader-managers. One distinguishing trait is "They think Longer term". Discuss how you would like to, integrate this trait in the role of a nurse leader. Share a specific example.

Handeling the Termination of a Friend in the Workplace

A difficult situation can result when personal and working relationships are combined. You have been assigned to a new area as the nurse leader, where a good friend of the family has worked for many years. You are made aware of multiple issues of tardiness by your friend over the last few months. Discuss how you would handle the

Patient Safety Issues

Identify a patient-safety issue that can occur at an organization. Share your plan to prevent or eliminate the issue. Please have an in-text citation in APA.

Reducing Medical Errors and Malpractice Claims

The number of malpractice claims for a hospital facility has doubled in the last quarter. Discuss a strategic plan to reduce the number of claims. Explain the different consequences of medical errors and how to target the issue in future.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership Theories in Nursing Practice

Compare and contrast existing theories of organizational behavior and leadership theory with that of quantum leadership. Differentiate attributes of effective leaders and followers and related roles in positively influencing advanced practice. In nursing practice experience, examine and share one organizational behavior th

Opportunities and Threats in Nursing

List one opportunity or threat to nursing. Two examples include: confidentiality at risk or patient coercion to do things they do not wish to do. Discuss the severity of the opportunity or threat and the probability that it will occur in an organisation (please use "patient coercion" for the discussion). Please have an in-text c

Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare systems are complex. As the chief nurse executive (CNE) at a healthcare organization, share the type of healthcare delivery system you would implement for your team. Discuss the rationale for your decision. Please have an in text citation in APA format that is no more than five years old.

Nurse Sensitive Outcome Measures

Write two nurse sensitive outcome measures for a pediatric asthma education program that will be implemented in the emergency department. What tools could be used to collect data for the outcome measures?

Change Theory with Kotter and Cohen Steps

1. Consider a change that has been implemented recently in your work setting. Which principles of planned change helped its' success? 2. Please refer to Kotter and Cohen's EIGHT steps in their change theory and apply these steps to the change you are describing. 3. When thinking of the same change, which principles

Barriers to community partnerships

Identify 3 barriers to community partnerships and coalitions. Discuss how these barriers could be overcome or be used to increase community awareness.