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    Trends and Challenges in Quality Improvement for Nursing

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    What are some potential future trends and challenges in health care QI?

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    Future trends in quality improvement include the changing demographics of our population, technology, globalized economy, educated "consumers", and collaborative practice. As we move forward with ACA, we will see inclinations toward preventative care and health and wellness which will be incorporated through interdisciplinary physician collaboration and patient education. In 2000, the WHO's focus was on "the realignment of incentives to balance the often competing goals of cost containment and quality improvement". (http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e1717) Now, the focus is on reducing harm and increasing patient satisfaction along with ...

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    With the new ACA and requirements imposed on healthcare as well as constant changes in technologies, trends toward quality improvement measures are rapid and often challenging. Through nursing facilitation and education, these trends and challenges can be effectively addressed.