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Benefits of Working with Mentors in Nursing Education

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What is the value of identifying clinical and practice experts to help achieve learning objectives. How do you select and work with a mentor? Please provide at least one reference if possible.

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Nursing students often experience anxiety about actually performing duties in the clinical setting, especially if they do not have any healthcare experience. Using a mentor with prior expertise can be beneficial in education through adding to the knowledge learned in the classroom. This allows a student to take what they have learned and practiced in a controlled setting and implement it into a real world scenario with supervision. With a properly trained mentor, students can continue to receive practical feedback immediately and have an opportunity to develop their skills. This will reduce anxieties for students and make a smooth transition into the workplace.

According to East Tennessee State University ...

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Finding an expert clinical mentor can be challenging. Through identifying specific characteristics and proper training, the mentor-mentee relationship can be positive and facilitate nursing education to a higher level.