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    Learning strategies

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    Please use one reference.

    Which learning strategies -- reflective journaling, literature search, meetings, interviews, workshops, shadowing, and working with a mentor -- do you think are the most valuable for your practicum and why? Would you apply the strategies in a certain sequence? If so, what would it be and why?

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    As you brainstorm the effects of which learning strategies will work best for you, during my practicum, I began with daily reflective journaling to really self assess and evaluate myself as a new educator. When I needed to revisit a certain skill or research a new strategy to apply, I then looked to research and conducted literature searches to strengthen my professional development and "box of tools" for the profession. I also attended a few conferences and workshops to continuing keep current in the field. Weekly and monthly meetings also helped me to clarify and process my progress both my with mentor as well as my field supervisor.

    Thus, for me, working with a mentor was the most valuable strategy since I was free to ask anything and learn from her vast experience in the field. Since I ...

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