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    Critical Thinking: Lesson Frameworks, Student Achievements and Learning Strategies

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    Please provide some assistance generating ideas for the following questions:

    - What is a successful lesson framework composed of? How would this framework vary between two different content areas?
    - Why is it important to consider the background of the students and possible assessments used when designing a lesson? How does this lead to student achievement?
    - Reflect on the strategies you have learned thus far for differentiated instruction. Choose three of these strategies. Compare/contrast each strategy, noting the differences and similarities in student achievement. Could any of these strategies be combined and, if so, how will this impact student achievement.

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    What is a successful lesson framework composed of? How would this framework vary between two different content areas?

    The teacher that establishes a successful lesson framework will begin by giving students a pre-assessment of their skills and current knowledge to be able to develop learning goals and instructional procedures that are pertinent for the student's level of learning. The lesson framework should entail content that is able to be comprehended by students within the learning context of their skill sets and abilities but must also expand their cognitive thinking skills. The teacher must monitor students' progress and help students to learn by engaging in discussion and providing feedback.

    Two different content areas can be successfully taught by incorporating different teaching methods to address each area of ...

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