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Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction

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Describe a specific example of a lesson or set of lessons from a unit that illustrates the logic of combining the axiom and corollary (UbD and DI frameworks) to support teaching and learning.

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The solution discusses understanding by design and differentiated instruction.

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Since, UbD and DI are combined using the idea of the axiom (UbD principle), and corollary (DI incorporation), here are axiom and corollary number 5, and some suggestions on how you can use it in a lesson or series of lessons.

Axiom 5

Teachers provide opportunities for students to explore, interpret, apply, shift perspectives, empathize, and self-assess. These six facets provide conceptual lenses through which student understanding is assessed.

Corollaries to Axiom 5

All students should be guided and supported in thinking in complex ways.
It is not the case that struggling learners must master the basics before they can engage in thinking. Rather, evidence clearly suggests that for most students, mastery and understanding come through, not after, meaningful interaction with ideas.
Nonetheless, students will differ in the level of sophistication of their thinking and understanding at a given time.
Teachers should ...

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