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    Use of Critical Thinking

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    What are the top three lessons you learned from, "Critical Thinking," of Keys to College Studying, and how can you apply those lessons in your work and/or personal life?

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    //Before writing about the top three lessons from the book "Keys to College Studying", it is essential to gain knowledge about the book. One should know about the theme of the book in order to analyze the inherent lessons of the book in an effective manner//

    The book "Keys to College Studying" introduces a comprehensive discussion of study skills. It focuses in an innovative way on the lifelong learning and on the manner in which these skills will help the students in their careers. The book lays stress on personal learning styles and critical thinking (Carter, Bishop & Kravits, 2002).

    The process of critical thinking is intellectually disciplined. It involves skillful and active conceptualization, implementation, analysis and synthesis of information generated through observation, experience, expression, logical thinking, or communication. It is based on universal rational values including depth, consistency, sound evidence, breadth, precision, relevance, accuracy, fairness, clarity and good reasons (Carter, Bishop & Kravits, 2002).

    //Above is the explanation of "Keys to College Studying". Moving to the next direction, explanation of the top three lesson is to be thrown light upon//

    The top three lessons that can be learned ...

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