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    Summary: Logic and the Critical Thinking Process

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    I need help to write a short 100 word summary on these objectives.

    Identify the critical thinking Process.
    explain the relationship of logic to critical thinking.

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    Critical thinking is primarily a way of looking at information, processing that information in an analytical manner, and being able to bring outside materials to bear upon the material studied. It is more of a process, and can be utilized in public speaking, reading, watching television or movies, or a general approach to daily life.
    In general, the basic aspect of critical thinking is to analyze the source material and decide upon its veracity and relevance. For example, not everything posted on the Internet is true; one must read to establish the sources of the material. A critical thinker also uses other senses to establish their opinion of the stimuli, be that visual, ...

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    The expert provides a summary for logic and the critical thinking process. The expert explains the relationship of logic to critical thinking.