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How do you think differently from other people? Does your mind seem to move quickly or slowly? Do your thoughts come out in jumbles or clear steps?

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Why we think and what is thinking? Brainstorm the questions and provide your definitions of thinking. Relate them to your own experience. Add any personal story that contributes to the topic.

How do you think differently from other people? Does your mind seem to move quickly or slowly? Do your thoughts come out in jumbles or clear steps? Are there certain times of the day that are better for certain types of thinking?

Critical Thinking: Purpose and Process
- Identify the critical thinking process.
- Explain the relationship of logic to critical thinking.

The Perception Process and its Influences
- Outline the perceptual process.
- Describe perceptual blocks to critical thinking: personal barriers, sensing, and physiology.

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Thinking is basically an internal mental process that uses information (data processed by the brain) as input, integrates that information into previous learned materials and the result may be knowledge or may be nothing. In other words it is the rational function that employs the mental process of interpreting what is perceived. Problem solving, planning, information integration, and analysis are four kinds of thinking.

The Latin phrase cogito, ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am") is possibly the single best answer that explains the reason of thinking. We think because we exist and our existence and the level of our consciousness plays a natural role in our thinking process. is an essential component in our life as a human being. Every human being is unique. Our physical properties, the events that are happening in our surroundings, different times, different places, and different emotions result with unique reasonings. In my opinion our personal characteristics and social lives play an important role on building our logic and these logical assumptions are the criterions that shape the path of our thinking process. Sometimes our brains may be more ready to process data then other times; sometimes they work slower and sometimes faster depending on our ...

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"One should never make decisions nor implement one's decisions under extreme euphoria, sadness, resentment or anger. The best condition conducive for rational thinking is a calm relaxing environment. We can function better when there is a harmony and balance between our intelligence and knowledge."

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