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    Tobias Wolfe "Say Yes" Reader Response

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    This posting uncovers these ideas:

    Read Tobias Wolfe's "Say Yes" .While reading, begin to journal your responses using the following guidelines and categories, and prior to writing your precis, write a journaled response focusing on these categories.

    Needs to be 3 Paragraphs

    Journal Your First Impressions: Take time to gather your thoughts - to pull together what seems most significant. Include any questions the story may have raised in your mind.

    Keep a Running Commentary: Jot down your observations, queries, and comments as you read along.

    Journal Your Personal Response: A considerable amount of effective writing about literature does offer the results of close reading but also goes beyond careful interpretation to the personal response. Focus on your personal connection to this story.

    Using your journal, produce the following written documents:

    Precis: After reading the text, write a precis while remembering to include only the essential details. (Note: You will have to read the question and answer section of this unit to successfully complete this part of your assignment.)

    Journal Summary: A summary of the important issues and responses you uncovered while journaling.

    Post your entire journal entry, the journal summary, and the precis to the Discussion Board. In your comments on other postings, pay particular attention to the differences in interpretations and responses. What do you think accounts for these differences?

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    As you read Tobias Wolfe's "Say Yes," please allow some of my ideas to guide you:

    First, I am upset by the husband's characterization. I do not like his attitude, lack of empathy, or overall personality. I seem him as a pretty unsympathetic character. I think he is a bigot and racist. I am really upset that he does not seem to be honest or does not even seem to know his wife. I even question why they are together in the first place, what commonalities or goals they share?

    As you keep a running commentary, you might want to jot down your observations, queries, and ...

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