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    The American Church and State

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    The topic should be controversal, arguable issues. I choose the topic Church and State by author Wolfe, A. and I have to paraphrase the article. a summary condenses original material, presenting its core ideas in your own word. After writing the summary write a brief sumamry of the article, include a resoponse paragraph 3 to 5 sentences in which you agress or disagree with the author's main niew point.

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    //Before discussing about the article, there is a significant need to understand the article. So firstly, we will present a summary that will present substantial information, so that further analysis and brief summary can be made. //


    According to Wolfe, Noah Feldman begins as well as ends his book with Moore's arguments. It provides historical information about America's church- state relations. The founders of secularism defend one religion against another rather than defending individual liberty against religion. The 19th century debates over religion's role were dominated by conflicts between the Protestants and the Catholics. After prolonged and violent arguments and debates over whether Bible should be read and what books should be assigned, a solution was found; non-sectarian Christianity as called by Feldman. Robert Ingersoll, who was one of the non-believers, addressed the shortcomings of religious conviction, whereas scientists and university presidents authorized the precedence of reason over faith. Eventually, secularism achieved success in ...

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