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American Politics and Power Dynamics

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Describe "separation of powers" under the American system and explains with reference to the current situation in the United States.

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As you first examine what does the "separation of powers" mean under the American system, please note the topic is so vast, highly debated, and subjective. However, you might suggest how the debate commonly and currently seems to embody religious notions and whether their intentions and implications were based on our constitution initially. For example, the debate seems to encompass religion as separate or connected from government, depending upon the view. The church and state separation, in other words, is one examination that you could emphasize within this umbrella debate.

You might mention that since many Christian groups aim to seek an infusion of church into state schools in the form of displaying Ten Commandments, school prayer, and other related areas, the debate seems to continue under this topic.

Since you also cited 2006 as a pivotal year, you might investigate how 2007 was a critical time when churches and religious advocacy groups, especially in America's South, tried to have governmental displayed copies of the Ten Commandments in ...

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This posting cites the "separation of powers" and explains it within current contexts.

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