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    Power and Politics: Same or Different?

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    What differences/similarities exist between power and politics? Are power and politics always associated with each other or are they mutually exclusive? What ethical issues are associated with the use and abuse of organizational power and politics?

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    Within the organizational context, power and politics are similar in that both can be used to manipulate the outcome of a situation, to influence the actions of others, along with a strategy of "divide and conquer" when there are opposite viewpoints on a highly contested issue. Individuals with supervisory power can usually provide directives to subordinates for the expected outcome of a situation. Additionally, by virtue of a superior/subordinate relationship, most people want to "please the boss" and can be easily influenced via a manager's power. Finally, ...

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    This solution is over 350 words and describes how power and politics plan into an organizational dynamics. There are examples of how the two are the same - but also descriptions of how they vary. For example, employees and/or supervisors do not need managerial/authoritative power to engage in politics. The solution concludes by defining how the two can be exclusive of one another; along with the ethical/legal impacts when power and politics are abused.