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Power and politics in organizations

Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. Include an analysis of organizational management and leadership practices that impact organizations. Provide at least 2 real-world examples of the relationship between power and politics and how it relates to management and leadership practices. Please cite any references.

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Power and politics mainly depends on the organizational psychology. Organization psychology plays a most important role in increasing the productivity of the organization. Here the organization psychology is related with the behavior of management as well as employees motivational level. If the motivation of employees in the organization is high, the productivity of the organization will remain high. With the help of organization psychology the manager or team leader can understand the psychology of its employees and tries to use techniques to motivate them. Organization psychology depends on the organization climate and its structure. Organizational psychology can be used to make the productive organizational climate. It's very important to structure the organization effectively by reading its psychology to increase its productivity.
Organizational politics is more effective to run an organization if it constructive organizational politics comes from the people with more power in the organization so we can say that the power and politics is highly correlated with each other.
As far as organization politics is concerned, if we look at the evidence generated by some effective research that organizational politics sometimes tends to lead to conflicts among the top level management and hence negatively affect the effectiveness of communication in ...

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The expert compares and contrasts power and politics in organizations. An analysis of organizational managements and leadership practices that impact organizations is provided.