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Distribution of Wealth and Power in American Society

What difference might it make if individual citizens understood the distribution and concentration of wealth, power, and influence in the United States?

Has your view of the influence of wealth and power in America changed since beginning the course? How do you see it now?

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Understanding the Distribution of Power and Wealth

Living in a democracy is something Americans are proud of and proactively participate it. It is a source of great patriotism especially since the open democracy and market capitalism practices of the country has been a part of its great heritage since its inception as a nation - notions of liberalism, equality, Federalism and conservatism have come into debate before but globally America's democratic approach to governance and social structure has had lasting effects on other nations and economies. We all feel the effects of the distribution of power and the implications of social class. Each town, each city, each state has its own faction and group of people above, people in the middle and ...

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The solution is an 810-word essay that discusses the possibilities that understanding the distribution of wealth and power could make in the viewpoints & lives of individual citizens. Advise is also provided via a sample reflection on the influence and effect of a study on the subject of political science in relation to wealth and power in the viewpoint of a student. References are listed for the purpose of expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.