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Essential Conflict Theory

What are essential concepts, ideas, and/or insights regarding conflict theory in crime and deviance?

How is conflict theory identified by sociologists/professors (Marx, Georg Simmel, Ralf Dahrendorf, and Willem Bonger,) regarding capitalisms and class consciousness?

How do contemporary conflict theorists focus on social trends outside of the elite economic class regarding race, gender, sexuality, education and criminal behavior?

How does Alan Sears and James Cairns (Sociologists) relate to conflict theory research, concepts, ideas and insights?

*450-500 words for 6 credits*

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What are essential concepts, ideas, and/or insights regarding conflict theory in crime and deviance?

In regard to crime and deviance, conflict theory posits the theoretical framework that crime in society is a result of the conflict that exists between those in power who make laws to protect their power at the behest of others in society. Therefore, the framework hypothesizes that the top 1% figuratively speaking ensures that legislation, which is responsible for creating laws in society, caters to the powerful while police, courts, judges, etc. use their authority to protect the interests of the powerful in society. Therefore, an example such as the "war on drugs", which has been disastrous for minorities in America, particularly African Americans, is a result of powerful interests that capitalize off the millions of nonviolent drug offenders who are incarcerated within America's prison system. In regard to the nonviolent drug offenders, their criminal behavior and so-called deviance is only a result of the lack of opportunities that exist within a system that is constructed to prevent them from attaining wealth and the American Dream.

These "criminals" are only criminalized because of the unjust laws that are created by those in power, which causes the most vulnerable in society to attempt to attain wealth through alternative means, which happen to be criminalized mostly against them. It's a fact that whites in America sell and use drugs at rates at least 10 times higher than minorities, but the majority of people incarcerated in prison for nonviolent drug offenses are Black or Brown minorities. Under conflict theory, this happens because those in power are white, which is why the laws created in the legislature, ...

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