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Manager Theories

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I am in need of some help with this question. I need a detailed overview of a particular theory used by managers to inform practice and review alternatives, or solutions. This is to be a specific theory and not a theory group.

Please include the definition of the theory, the major thought leaders/theorists who have contributed to the development of the theory, and areas of business and management where the theory is often applied.

With this information I will be creating a scenario for my own place of business!

Thanks for your help!

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Negotiation theories may be rigid, expressive, or normative in nature. Additionally, theorists and practitioners from different disciplines have developed and make use of a variety of approaches to improve their understanding of particular phases of negotiations. Just the word itself indicates resolution of conflict and is a critical component for managers. The resulting theories are varied, and frequently highlight features that reflect relevant concerns from the viewpoint of the disciplines from which they came. It is expected then, that formal definitions of negotiation reflect the variety characteristic of the ...

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Manager theories information are determined.

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