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    Five Competencies Based on Skills

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    Refer to "Job Posting for Assignments," which provides a fictitious job posting.

    In a document of 1,000-1,250 words, develop 5 competencies based on the duties and skills of the project manager position given in the course resource as well as those skills and behaviors that are necessary for effective managerial positions in the modern business climate. For each competency, include the following:

    1. A description of the competency.
    2. A rationale for selecting the competency.
    3. Performance statements for the competency (include one each for poor, acceptable, and excellent performance).
    4. A discussion of how theories of leadership influenced the competencies selected for the position presented. (Benchmarks 4.2: Evaluate theories and styles of leadership for appropriateness to organizational contexts.)

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    Step 1
    The competency is managing self externally.
    1. This means the manager must be able to manage his time, information, stress, and career.
    2. The rationale for selecting this competency is that the duties of the manager are wide and stressful. He is responsible for recruiting , selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, counseling, and disciplining employees. In addition, he has operational objectives, financial objectives, need to update job knowledge, and increase department/organizational reputation. For example, the time when he has scheduled interviews for recruitment may clash with operational activities. His schedule for providing training to employees may clash with the need to complete audits or contributing financial information for forecasting. Only if the manager can manage himself externally can he be a successful manager. He must manage stress, time, and information.
    3. His performance will be excellent if he will be able to achieve at least 8 out of 10 objectives assigned to him.
    His performance will be acceptable if he achieves between six and seven out of ten objectives assigned to him.
    His performance will be poor if he achieves five or less out of ten objectives assigned to him.
    4. The competency selected has been influenced by the behavioral theories. The managerial grid model theory has been used. The choice of managing self externally is related to high concern for task or production. When a manager is able to externally manage himself he is able to perform well in the areas that have been indicated in the Job Description.
    Step 2
    The second competency is Leading Individuals.
    1. This is an interpersonal competency. He must be able to select, reach out to individuals, mentor them, coach them, inspire them, and deal with ...

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