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Training and Development Discussion

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Use the Department of Labor's website to find reports from the SCANS commission (Secretary's Commission on
Achieving Necessary Skills). Find the report entitled "What Work Requires of Schools." Identify the competencies
necessary for effective job performance. What foundational skills underlie these competencies? Using your own employer,
or that of a friend or family member, interview a manager, trainer, or human resource representative of the company.

From the DOL's website answer the following statements:
1. Identify the competencies necessary for effective job performance.
2. Discuss the foundational skills that underlie these competencies.

From your interview answer the following questions:
1. Explain the extent he or she believes that the employees at the company they work for possesses the five
2. What competencies are most strongly represented in their work force?
3. What competencies are the weakest in their work force?
Your answer should be prepared using Microsoft Word, be at least 300 words, and be sure to cite all the sources used
according to APA format.

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Identify the competencies necessary for effective job performance.

The competessary for effective job performance are as follows. One should have the ability to use necessary resources, such as their time or money. He or she should know how to socialize with others well through interpersonal communication. An individual should know how to gather information by means of data or using computers, use technology in work-related tasks, and a person should know how to use systems in order to monitor employee performance in any given business setting.

What foundational skills underlie these competencies?

The foundational skills are three-fold. A person should know the basics, such as reading, writing and mathematics. He or she should also have the ability to think creatively and quickly when making decisions in the workplace. Also, one should behave with integrity, efficient/organized and responsible.

United ...

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